Scholarly Articles; Scenarios Research

Articles based on the analysis of stories written during the Scenarios from Africa contests

  1. Making sense of condoms: social representations in young people’s HIV-related narratives from six African countries
    Authors: Kate Winskell, Oby Obyerodhyambo and Rob Stephenson
    Published in: Social Science and Medicine, March 2011

  2. A ‘new way of perceiving the pandemic’: the findings of a unique participatory research process into young Africans’ stories about HIV/AIDS
    Authors: Daniel Enger and Kate Winskell
    Published in: Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care, Volume 11, Issue 4 2009

Articles about the Scenarios from Africa process

  1. Participatory Communication Processes as Infusions of Innovation: The Case of Scenarios from Africa’
    Author: Karen Greiner
    Published in: Thomas Tufte and Florencia Enghel (eds): Youth Engaging with the World: Media, Communication and Social Change, Yearbook 2009

  2. Young voices travel far: a case study of Scenarios from Africa
    Authors: Kate Winskell and Daniel Enger
    Published in: Oscar Hemer and Thomas Tufte (eds): Media, Communication and Social Change: Rethinking Communication for Development, 2005