Creating new language versions

Ever since SCENARIOS FROM AFRICA was first launched, local partners and external evaluators have constantly emphasized the crucial importance of making the films swiftly available in key African languages - as many as possible - and in English, French, Portuguese and Arabic. We warmly welcome independent dubbing, duplication and free distribution of the SCENARIOS films. If you would like to dub some or all of the films into your language, please go ahead.

Lip-sync dubbing the films into the most common language of a given area dramatically increases the films' utility, as audiences can understand them more easily and relate to them more profoundly.

Lip-sync dubbing the SCENARIOS films is a fascinating endeavor, and members of dub teams tend to get great enjoyment and satisfaction out of the work. It isn't a job for sprinters, but rather one for tenacious, dedicated marathon runners. Furthermore, dubbing requires a very high level of attention to detail every step of the way. There are 3 steps to dubbing films:

  1. The dub texts are written in the new language. (To facilitate the work of the person translating the film texts into the new language, the English, French and Portuguese texts are available via the RESOURCES section of this website.)
  2. Actors record the dub texts in a sound-isolated environment, ideally a sound studio or a local radio or TV station.
  3. The final version is created by mixing the recorded dub texts with the "music and effects" soundtrack, which Global Dialogues gladly donates to those interested in dubbing the films. Please note that some of the best dubs of the SCENARIOS films have been edited and mixed completely on a simple laptop computer.

The following documents contain tips and guidelines for dubbing the SCENARIOS FROM AFRICA films. Those marked with ** provide the most general, introductory information; you might wish to take a look at them first. The documents were drafted at three different points in time:

  1. In 2002, when the first thirteen SCENARIOS films were dubbed into several languages. These are the films on DVD 1 of the SCENARIOS DVD sets and were shot from 1997 to 2001.

    **Guidelines for preparing dub texts (Word)

    **Technical and logistical tips and lessons learned, dubbing DVD 1 films (Word)

    Role distribution, dubbing DVD 1 films (Excel)

    Comments on role distribution, dubbing DVD 1 films (Word)

  2. In 2005, in preparation for dubbing the 15 films shot between 2002 and 2004. These films are on DVD 2 and DVD 3.

    **Technical Guidelines for Dubbing SCENARIOS films (Word)

    Detailed tips for dubbing DVD 2 and 3 films (Word)

    Role distribution, dubbing DVD 2 and 3 films (Excel)

  3. In 2007, when the 5 films of DVD 4 were dubbed.

    Role distribution, dubbing DVD 4 films (Excel)

Please don't hesitate to Contact us if you have questions about the dubbing process.