Film Distribution

Scenarios from Africa films are available in 28 languages. They are distributed for free on multiple media platforms, and independent copying is actively encouraged, as long as the films are never sold.

THE INTERNET: Although the Scenarios films shot before 2011 were not tailor-made for the Internet, they have proven to be popular among Web video viewers. As of April 2011, the films had been watched over two million times on the Net, compared to a total of about 50,000 views in April 2009. A majority of those views are of the films’ African language versions.

All of the Scenarios from Africa films, in all available languages, can be viewed at Please consider subscribing to that channel. Anyone wishing to create links to the films on the scenariosafrica YouTube channel is encouraged to do so.

It is possible to download the films for free at (offering high- and low-bandwidth options, this site also includes radio adaptations of the films in selected languages) and at

Once the films have been downloaded, they can be easily shared with others via USB flash drives. This idea was first suggested by students at the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso: “That’s the way we share files. If just one student on campus has the films on a USB drive, rest assured that they’ll spread like wildfire – far faster than HIV ever could!”

TELEVISION: The Scenarios from Africa films are donated on a rights-free basis to broadcasters and are shown on locally-based stations in almost every country of sub-Saharan Africa, as well as on several international satellite networks and by stations serving African refugees and immigrants in Europe and North America. Well over 200,000,000 people are reached by broadcasts of the Scenarios films every year.

TV station directors appreciate the films’ high quality and entertainment value, availability in local languages, diversity of topics and tones, and a short format that allows for great flexibility in programming between and during regularly scheduled shows. Those characteristics are certainly largely responsible for the unprecedented amount of free air time the films have been granted.

“HARD-COPY” DISTRIBUTION: Over 100,000 original copies have been shipped to recipients in every country of Africa and to people in 60 other nations across the globe. Beginning in 2010, Scenarios began to phase out DVD distribution in favor of fostering free downloading and sharing via USB flash drives. Today, DVDs are provided only to organizations that are unable to download the films due to lack of access to high-speed Internet.